This educational institute was established in the year 2005 by Mr. Vivek Jaiswal with a vision to provide Quality education.

Study point believes in giving personal attention to students and maintains batches with limited number of students. Through this it has been able to produce wonderful results not only from meritorious students but also from the average ones. This has been possible with the help of expert teachers which have maintained a professional style of coaching and given each child equal importance and focus. Proper management at the institute and timely feedback from the parents and students regarding their participation in the coaching are key factors which help the institute overcome its shortcomings. This helps us to improve and work hard towards imparting quality education.

With over a decade of operations, it has maintained an excellent success rate and some of its students have achieved top ranks in their respective colleges and universities. Study point is equipped with modren infrastructure and technology advanced teaching facilities that help students learn in a more better and comprehensive way.

There is a famous quote that states a good preparation will get performance and a good performance will get good results.Study Point believes in it and this is the philisophy of the institute.

Hundreds of satisfied students and their proud parents are a true testimony to this. This is a step forward to our vision of quality education and has helped us stand apart from the crowd.